Discipleship, the sharing of life, is a key part of any church. A disciple is simply someone that follows the Lord Jesus Christ. Part of the great commission is “teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:20) Discipleship, therefore, is the method of teaching someone to observe the commandments of the Lord. There are two phases of discipleship at Cornerstone Bible Church.

Discipleship 1 (D1)

Discipleship 1 is the foundation ministry of Cornerstone. It is taking a new believer, or someone that may have grown up in church but never learned to be a disciple, through “Directions” a series of eighteen lessons that teach the fundamentals of Christianity. There are four goals of Discipleship 1 at Cornerstone Bible Church:

Establish the disciple in the Word of God.
Establish the disciple as a functioning member of the local church.
Establish the disciple in fellowship with other believers.
Establish the disciple in ministry.

Lessons cover subjects ranging from Salvation and Prayer, to our role as Christians in our church, at work, and in the world.

Discipleship 2 (D2)

Discipleship 2 is the next step and is intended to further equip followers of Jesus to learn more from His Word and continue to the next level in their spiritual walk. Discipleship 2 is divided into five sections, which are each five weeks long. Anyone that has completed Discipleship 1 can start Discipleship 2 at the beginning of the next session.